An European weekend : EVS General Assembly in Castel San Pietro Terme

On Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd September 2018 in the Academy of the Civil Status Officers in  Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) was held the EVS  General Assembly -.

At the time ,also  the Bord of Experts ( composed of Experts coming from Belgium ,Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Scotland, Germany and Poland ) was assembled  and they discussed and proposed the subjects to deal at the 2019 EVS  Congress.

On Saturday morning, before the beginning of the General Assembly, there was the meeting of the Board , at the presence of the EVS President, the Dutch Simon Rijsdijk, the two Vice Presidents Paride Gullini and Steve Heylen (Belgium) and the EVS General Secretary Gerhard Bangert (Germany) and Franco Stacul (predecessor of the german and member of the ANUSCA Board).

The Assembly represented the high point of the two days in Castel San Pietro Terme. At the General Meeting participated some of the representatives of the EVS member countries  (Estonia, Poland, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland and Italy). Justified absents the representatives of Slovenia and Slovakia.

EVS President Rijsdijk after a welcome, thanked ANUSCA for having accepted the invite to host the work of the Assembly and of the Board of Experts. He explained the activities done during  2018, focusing in particular on the  18th  Congress that took place from 6th to 9th June in Romania in the town of Iasi that registered unanimous agreements from all the participants. He thanked the Romanian President , Renata Marin, for the perfect organization of the Congress that let  the participants know an important reality of the  Romania.

The Assembly, after the approval of the 2019 membership fees , examined the organization of the 19th  Congress that will take place in the  Polish town of  Szczecin from 4th to 7th June 2019 and will be managed by the Polish Association. The members of the Polish Delegation – Karol Lipinski, Bogusia and Agnieszka Mielcarek – dwelled on the most difficult aspects in the organization  and a discussion is followed ,where all the presents expressed their opinion. It was also decided that EVS adheres to the proposal of the Verona University for a financing of a project of research on the European civil status systems and on the circulation of acts. It was also shared the proposal of the organization of an International Congress on the civil status and the delicate professional role of the officers , in Brussels ,in 2020 .

Finally a note for the next future, the members that participated to the Assembly, took note of  the availability of  Slovakia and Slovenia to host the 2020 EVS  Congress and it was decided to assign the  organization of the event to Slovakia.

At the end the delegates participated to a  visit to the Terme of Castel San Pietro to see the new department of the inhalation , where the medical director , Prof. Attilio Menconi Orsini, explained the characteristics of the Sulphur and salsobromoiodic waters , of the treatments offered that include also muds and rehabilitative pools.

The Delegate visit the Terme of Castel San Pietro

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