Castel S.P.T. 2017

Thursday 8th June 2017 – 1st Day of the Congress
“ The free circulation in the European Union: echoes in the civil status and in the administration of the people”
Academy of the Civil Status Officers
V.le delle Terme 1056 – Castel San Pietro Terme

Steve Heylen
President of Belgian Civil Status Officers Association (VLAVABBS)


Civil Status and the freedom of movement of children in the EU
Dr. Michael Wells-Greco – Lawyer, Assistant Professor at Maastricht University (Holland)


Challenges and practices in Belgium for establishing identity in the different migration procedures
Peter Van Costenoble – Belgian Contact Point to the European Migration Network (Belgium)


Separation and Divorce in front of the civil status officer in Italy
Renzo Calvigioni – ANUSCA Expert (Italy)


The Law applicable to the marital property and among people bounded by nonmarital partnership in the New European Law
Dr. Domenico Damascelli – Notary – Expert of International Law (Italy)


Overview on e-Estonia
Triin Rast, Project Manager at E-Governance Academy, (Estonia)


e-Residency Estonia
Victoria Saue, Head of Risk and Compliance for e-Residency program at Enterprise – Estonia (Estonia)


The Registration of the births and the legal protection of the minors in Estonia
Astrid Valma – Civil Status Officer Tallin (Estonia)


Birth registration in Romania. Refugees issues
Renata Marin – President of the Romanian Association of the Civil Status Officers (Romania)


Registration of the foreign documents in Poland
Karol Lipiński – Deputy President of the Polish association of registrars – Registrar officer in the City of Szczecin (Poland)


Friday 9th June 2017 – 2nd Day of the Congress
Prof. Paolo Mengozzi – Advocate General – European Court of Justice

Steve Heylen – President of Belgian Civil Status Officers Association (VLAVABBS)


Scottish Government Review: Gender Recognition Law and Non – binary people
Sarah E. Duncan – Scottish Government Family and Property Law Team (Scotland)


Changing in the law about the name in Austria
Waltraud Hager – Liendbauer – Municipality of Schärding (Austria)


News from the member States presented by EVS
Leon Evers – Niederlande
Gerhard Bangert – EVS General Secretary (Germany)


Video with INTERVIEWS of the 17th congres of the European Association of Registrars:

Short video of the 17th congres of the European Association of Registrars:




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