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NVVB mission, vision and strategy


Contact point and connector

The NVVB is the point of contact for several topics such as personal information management (which includes the registry office and the registration of personal data), identity management and elections. Public Services and innovation are very important. The NVVB sees itself as a mediator of these topics. The focus is on cooperation with the public, private and scientific sectors. By combining knowledge and skills from different sectors, new service concepts, business models and partnerships emerge. This will contribute to the desired, changing role of the authorities.

The NVVB thinks and acts with a view to the future, ensures quality and is a popular and reliable partner for other (public-administrative) organizations.

The NVVB represents the interests of the members. To this end, the NVVB advises members, as well as public organizations on the above issues. The NVVB works together with various partners and plays a connecting role. The different ministries are important contacts.

The NVVB actively involves its members in its work as lobbyists, connectors, reformers and disposers. The focus is on the practical execution of the work.

By organizing networks, master classes, practice sessions and congresses, the NVVB proactively promotes developments in relation to the various topics. The NVVB also gathers knowledge of the members and network partners and transmits this knowledge.



The NVVB has been successfully taking care of the interests of the members for more than 20 years, which includes all communities in the Netherlands. In order to fulfill its role as a lobbyist, the NVVB has many contacts with members, ministries and a number of other partners. By acting proactively, the NVVB strives for maximum influence at the beginning of new processes and in (legislative) changes. In this way, the NVVB always checks the verbosity, quality and financial viability. The NVVB works intensively together with the Association for Dutch Communities (VNG), which is affiliated with the NVVB.



The NVVB takes the initiative to renew laws or is involved at an early stage in the renewal of laws and regulations. The NVVB stands for renewal that includes the needs of society and better services to citizens and businesses.



The NVVB supports its members in various ways. On the one hand by offering operationally relevant aid projects such as work processes, exams and the dashboard services. On the other hand, the NVVB thinks about complicated tasks with which the members have to do. The constant involvement, questioning, informing and advising of the members brings understanding for the municipal requirements and gives the NVVB the possibility to help in a targeted and in different ways.


General Assembly

Mr. Simon Rijsdijk, President
+31 6-23523765

Mr. Henk van Dijkhuizen, Vicepresident
+31 6- 22109489

Mrs. Liesbeth Schreiner, Treasurer

Mrs. Charlotte van der Ree

Mr. Gerrit Gerritsma, Chairman Department Friesland
+31 58-2338424

Mr. Jan van der Kamp, Chairman Department Gelderland
+31 55-5801432

Mr. Maurice Gordijn, Chairman Department Limburg
+31 43-3504076

Mr. Eric Goossens, Chairman Department Noord-Brabant
+31 76-5293027

Mrs. Petra Kras, Chairman Department Noord-Holland
+31 299-452452

Mr. Jan Cees Noord, Chairman Department Noord-Oost
+31 50-3677030

Mr. Jan Otten, Chairman Department Utrecht
+31 6 55108195

Mr. Rudy van der Linde, Chairman Department Overijssel
+31 54-6541111

Mr. Rob van der Velde, Chairman Department Zuid-Holland/Zeeland


Mr. Simon Rijsdijk, President
+31 6-23523765

Mr. Henk van Dijkhuizen, Vicepresident
+31 6- 22109489

Mrs. Liesbeth Schreiner, Treasurer

Mrs. Charlotte van der Ree

Advisory Counsel

The Advisory Counsel advises the Board on the mission, vision, goals and strategy of the association. This includes the development and positioning of the NVVB and its topics.


Mr. Dirk van der Borg
Mayor Municipality Molenwaard

Mr. Wolfgang Ebbers
Principal Advisor at PBLQ | Director CFES | Univ. professor

Mr. Arre Zuurmond
Government commissioner for informationmanagement

Mr. Jan Fraanje
Executive Director Association Directors of Public Services


Office NVVB

Mr. John de Ruiter
Executive Director

The NVVB office provides support for the General Assembly and the Board and manages the association. In addition, the office is responsible for the services and products that NVVB offers to its members.

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+31 793617747



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