The Slovene Association of Administrative Staff

The Slovene Association of Administrative Staff

Association of Administrative Staff was established in 1999. The actual president is Ms. Bojana Zadravec, Dr.Sc., and secretary is Ms. Diana Privsek. In 2016 there are 600 members from all parts of Slovenia who are comprised in activities of six sections:

  • Section for public order – president Monika Volk, M.Sc.
  • Section for foreigner – president Tjaša Čuk
  • Section for personal status – president  Marjeta Staroverski
  • Section for traffic – president Milanka Neškovič
  • Section for environment – president Zdenka Hren
  • Section for third live period – president Ivanka Medvešček.

Association acts on basis of Statute.  According to the Statute the Association is voluntary, independent and non-profitable association of physical persons who are joined together with the intention of exchanging views and professional information as well as taking part in administrative legal sciences from the field of home affairs. For this purpose Association stimulates members to professional improvement as well as to skilled and quality work, to active co-operation with related associations and experts in Slovenia and abroad, to co-operation with organizations and institutions which are professionally and scientifically dealing with the field of administrative legal sciences, as well as to participation in the development of the field of home affairs administration.

To reach its goals the Association carries out different activities. It organizes professional meetings and conferences with the intention of educating members, participating in the development of its field of activity and promotion of both, the field of work of home affairs administration and the Association itself. With a view to participate in solving professional questions and giving initiatives for changes in related legislation the Association co-operates with government organizations, research and scientific institutions, related associations of other fields of work of government, as well as with associations and experts of this field of work from abroad. It organizes also meetings of members and professional excursions. Information on the work of Association and professional articles are published also in public media.


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